Chase Fairchild


Chase Fairchild, is the spoiled brat son of a famous illusionist named Gerhart. Gerhart and his wife Rosalyn, perform magic shows around the world for both peasants and royalty. So the Fairchild’s are well respected and well known back in their hometown of Brindenwood. Since his parents are out traveling all the time, Chase isn’t very close with them. But they made sure to keep him in the best amenities possible. Gerhart always wanted Chase to follow in his footsteps and train to become a mage, but Chase was content living off his family fortune. Gerhart knew that Chase could exceed even his own magical prowess and become a great adventurer someday.

The Fairchild’s were just recently ASSASINATED on stage at their last show by an unknown killer. Chase is now on his own and to make matters worse, he only inherited a very small portion of his father’s estate. His father decided to spread the rest of his fortune throughout the various areas in the world that he performed. He left Chase clues (maps, scrolls, etc) for each area so that he would have to WORK to collect the rest of the family fortune.

Chase – Obviously self-absorbed but has warmed up to Marcus and Drake (but still butts heads with him) since they “came up” together. Starting to think that befriending Goldy the Tank could be beneficial. Doesn’t trust Tamal at all…especially since it seem like he and Drake are buddy buddy. Plus you can’t hustle a hustla.

Chase Fairchild

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