Welcome to The Willow.

After vanquishing the undead horde and the Zombie King, our heroes venture back to their homeland of Brindenwood. Chase offers for the group to stay at his family’s palatial estate. Since his parents were recently assasinated, the estate is empty and the staff has moved on to other work. Except for the Fairchild’s personal butler, Bernard, who decided to stay at the estate due to his intense loyalty to the Fairchild’s.

During their stay, Bernard confesses to Chase that his father had entrusted him with a gift for Chase, in the event of his death. But he was only to give it to him, if Bernard felt that Chase was on the path towards becoming a true adventurer. After hearing about the adventures Chase and the party had embarked on recently, Bernard felt he was ready.

The gift was a simple scroll. Written on the scroll was a simple message.

“Within the Willow, You Shall Find Fairchild Fortunes”

The Willow